Board of Governors

The overall administration, supervision and control of the Sainik School Society will rest with a body called the Board of Governors, Sainik schools.

Raksha Mantri Chairman
RRM / URM ( Minister in charge of Sainik Schools in Min of Def) Vice Chairman
Chief Ministers or Education Ministers of the states where the schools are established Ex-Officio Member
Secretary to the Government of India, Ministry of Education -do-
Financial Adviser, Ministry of Finance (Defence) Govt. of India -do-
Chairman, University Grants Commission -do-
Voice Chiefs of Staff or the PSOs dealing with Education in the three Defence services. -do-
Director General, NCC -do-
Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence -do-
Chairman, Joint Training Committee, Armed Forces -do-
Education Secretary of each state government -do-
Four Eminent educationist nominated by Chairman -do-
Four Eminent persons nominated by the Chairman -do-

Sainik School, Kalikiri, Andhra Pradesh, India

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