NCC Training is integral part of Sainik School curriculum. Hence it is mandatory for all cadets including day scholars to be in NCC.

Training activities in Drill, WT, Field Craft, Firing, Aero Modelling, Ship Modelling and adventure activities are carried out as per the training programme. SSB classes and training in Obstacle Course are also conducted for the senior cadets in order to enable them for the entry into the Defence Forces. With a view to create awareness on the environment, tree plantation drive and other eco friendly activities are carried out.


Eligibility Criteria:-

1. Should have 75% attendance in parades.

2. Should have attended atleast one camp.


1. Weapon training

2. Map reading

3. Drill

4. NCC Organisation

5. Annual Training Camp

6. Combined Annual Training Camp

7. Inter Group Competition Camp

8. National Integration Camp

9. Army Attachment Camp

10. Republic Day Camp

11. Thal/Vayu/Nau Sena Camp

12. Adventure Camps

13. Youth Exchange Programme

Cadets of class X appear for 'A' Certificate Examination in the month of February every year.


NCC Cadets in IGC and RDC
Year No of Cadets Joined
2018 1) Cadet Vasu Paul Srikar attended RDC Camp, Delhi.
  2) 03 Cadets attended IGC Camp, Secunderabad.
2019 1) 08 Cadets attended IGC Camp, Secunderabad.
2020 1) Cadet Aniket Kumar attended RDC Camp, Delhi.
  2) 03 Cadets attended IGC Camp, Secunderabad.




Ref IHQ (MOD) Rtg B (A) letter no 62529/Rtg B (A) dt 27 may 2013 (Scanned Copy Att).

NCC Cadets holding 'C' cert and taken part in Republic Day Parade New Delhi will now be exempted from CEE for Rect into Sol Clk/Skt/Sol Tech and Sol NA and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE. Such candidates have to pass PFT, PMT and undergo med exam to get enrolled. Names of NCC cadets attending RD parade will be fwd to Rtg Dte by this HQ.

This policy will be implemented wef 01 july 2013.

You are requested to disseminate this info to all concerned.

Dir Trg (B) For DG NCC HQ DG NCC New Delhi


(Army) Integration HQ of MoD
Branch Adjutant Gereral's
DG Rtg / Rtg B (A)
West Block - III, RK
Puram New Delhi-900108
c/o 56 APO

ALL HQ Rtg Zone, IRO Delhi Cantt
GRD Kunraghat & Ghoom
All Regt / Corps Trg Centres NCC Dte

In accordance with this HQ letter no 62536/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dt 09 oct 2007, the following incentives are being provided to NCC cert holders

S No. NCC CERT SOL GD cat sol clk/skt/tech tdn cat
(a) NCC 'A' cert 05 marks 05 marks 05 marks
(b) NCC 'B' cert 10 marks 10 marks 10 marks

1)Proposal was recd that in recognition to the valued service of competent NCC cadets holding NCC 'C' cert and taken part in republic day parade at new delhi, they should be exempted from CEE and be awarded 100 marks in lieu.
2) Candidates who are NCC 'c' cert holders and have participated in republic day padare are a selected lot from schools and colleges, motivated and intelligent and in most case they are academically doing well. It would be a good incentive to much NCC cadets to join army in the prestigious trades such as sol tech / NA/Clk & skt.
3) The issue was deliberated upon and the following has been decided.candidates who are NCC 'c' cert holders and have participated In republic day parade will be exempted from CEE for rect sol clk /skt, sol tech and sol NA cat and will be awarded 100% marks in lieu of CEE.
such candidates have to only pass PFT< PMT, and undergo med exam to get enrolled.
4) In view of this, names of NCC 'c' cert pass candidates who have attended a RD parade will be fwd by NCC dte to this dre. These selected candidates will then be issued permission cert to take part in rtg rally from their respective AROs. Candidates will report to respective ARO for obtaining info on rally schedule and detail about enrolment will be done as existing procedures.

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