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  Jun 21, 2021

International Day of Yoga (IDY) or Antarashtriya Yoga Divas was observed virtually by the officers, staff and cadets of Sainik School Kalikiri with great josh and enthusiasm on 21st June. The event, like last year, was conducted online due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Addressing the staff and cadets virtually, the Principal, Capt (IN) Vikrant Kishore conveyed Yoga Day wishes and called on them to make Yoga a part of their daily routine to make their lives happy, healthy, peaceful and prosperous. The Principal, Vice Principal, Administrative Officer, staff and their families performed Asanas at their homes. The First Lady Cdr Minakshi Sahay (Retd.) inspired the staff ladies with her extraordinary Yoga Asanas. The following activities were conducted online for the benefit of the cadets:

Poster Making. Poster making event was organised for the cadets of Classes VII and VIII. The subject teachers of first two periods monitored the event. The cadets enthusiastically participated in the event and a few posters grabbed everyone's attention as they lucidly portrayed the prominence of Yoga for a fruitful life.

Yoga Day Video. Yoga Day Video making event was conducted for the cadets of Class IX.  Videos where in the cadets along with their family happily performing Asanas were made by the cadets.

Inter House Speech competition. For the cadets of Class X, Inter House Speech Competition on Yoga was conducted. Cadets from all the four houses, two from each house, vehemently spoke on the history and benefits of Yoga.

Essay Writing Competition. Essay Writing Competition on the 'Relevance of Yoga Amid Covid Second Wave and Gearing up for Tackling the Third Wave' was conducted for all the cadets. They took an active part in the event and brought out some thought provoking points.

Presentation on Asanas. Mr V Mahammad Aslam, TGT Telugu, organised a presentation virtually for the staff and cadets to explain the different types of Asanas. The presentation proved to be fruitful to all as Mr Aslam focussed on Asanas which every individual should do regularly to improve one's concentration and physical stamina.

Pledge Besides the above mentioned events, the cadets were encouraged to take a pledge that they would make Yoga an integral part of their lives and inspire everyone to do the same to maintain a healthy and happy life.

Sainik School, Kalikiri, Andhra Pradesh, India

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