Administrative Officer

  • Sqn Ldr Misha Purshothaman

  • Administrative Officer

Administrative Officer Profile

Sqn Ldr Misha Purshothaman was commissioned in the Indian Air Force in June 2015 in the Accounts branch as an Accountant officer. She has served in a MiG 21 airbase in Rajasthan. The officer has had two tenures in Bangalore at AF station Jalahalli and the Institute of Aerospace medicine. She was a part of the procurement committee for the Human space program (HSP) at IAM. Before tenating her appointment of Adm offr at Sainik school, the officer was posted to a Mi-17 helicopter base in Assam.

Throughout her tenure in IAF, the officer has been a part of several adventure courses and expeditions. Some of them include Basic and Advanced white water rafting in Rishikesh and Tri-services all women cycling expedition from Longewala in Rajasthan to National War Memorial in Delhi covering a total of 1500kms in 10days. The officer is an avid athlete and a gold medalist in 100m, 200m from her academy days.


Sainik School, Kalikiri, Andhra Pradesh, India

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